Top 10 Best cameras under 300 in 2020

If you are searching for any camera for under 300 dollars budget then you are in the right place. In this article of Top 10 best cameras under 300 dollars list, we add the top 10 different types of best cameras for you. From this list, you can choose your type of best camera that is best for you.

We add cameras that are from the best companies in the world. Who are well known for manufacturing the best cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and GoPro. This all companies are very well known for producing the best cameras in the world. The Review Buzzer team explores the best cameras from these companies. So, you can get the best camera in this 300 dollar budget.

The Review Buzzer assures you that you will get the best camera. That’s why we choose those cameras in this list that have many functions. So, you can get the best camera with many functions. We choose different functions of cameras. That comes with larger “x” zoom, more dots, touchscreens, had advanced technology. And some cameras are waterproof too.

Top 10 Best Cameras Under 300 in 2020

1. Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera

  • 16 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
  • 40x optical zoom lens
  • 80x dynamic zoom
  • 3 inches 921k dot tilting LCD
  • Highest ISO sensitivity: 6400
  • Full HD 1080p video recording at 30 fps
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • NFC connectivity
What makes this camera brilliant is that. this Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital camera has a 40x super-wide optical zoom. The focus range of this camera is very great with the help of this superzoom you can zoom 22.5mm to 900mm huge. This focal range is great for any camera.
The screen size of the camera is a 3″ LCD screen with a resolution of 921,000k dots. You can capture high-quality images from low and high distances with very ease. This camera is a high-quality camera. You can take full High Definition 1080p videos with this camera.
The resolution of Nikon Coolpix B500 has 16 effective megapixels BSI CMOS sensor. It takes Smart sharp images even in low and night light. The Nikon Coolpix B500 digital camera has equipped sensor BSI technology. BSI Technology is very helpful when you take pictures at night or in low light conditions.
This camera has a built-in vibration reduction function. It helps you to capture a clear picture. It prevents the image from blurring in small hand moments when you taking the picture. This camera features a macro mode for the smallest working distance of only 1 cm. It is good and gives detailed shots when you taking any objects picture from a very low distance. It comes with a 30 fps (frame per second) for shooting full HD videos. 30 fps will keep your file in medium size.
It has the near field communication (NFC) technology for faster pairing and sharing. It comes with built-in Bluetooth technology. It allows you to share your file with Bluetooth-enabled devices. And also has built-in Wi-Fi. The built-in Pop-up Flash for taking more clearer Image.
Sometimes you need more power for your camera when you are going to shoot, traveling, or any event. So you need extra power. The B500 digital camera takes standard AA batteries. It means you can carry extra power with you anywhere.
The built-in VR optical image stabilization. It keeps pictures clear at night time and while you using zoom. It has no manual controls but allows you to manage settings like white balance and ISO.
This camera is great for those… who are planning to buy a camera that captures the pictures in automatic mode and has a massive zoom range. It is very easy if you love to use automatic modes. The camera is available in Stylish Red and Cool Black color.

2. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 Digital Camera

  • 18.1 megapixel MOS sensor
  • 60X zooms DC Vario lens
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 3 inch LCD Display
  • 4K QFHD video recording (3840 x 2160)
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • High-Resolution Viewfinder
  • Impressive Low-Light Performance
  • USB Charging
The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 digital camera has a high-resolution sensor. With an optical stabilized 60x super-zoom range. The built-in lens type of this camera is the LUMIX DC VARIO lens. With the help of this lens, you can zoom the smallest distance of 20 mm to the largest distance of 1200 mm long. This range of zoom is very large.
The resolution of Lumix FZ80 is 18.1 Megapixel with a MOS sensor. The screen size of the compact camera has a 3 inch LCD touch screen. The resolution of the display is 1040000k dots. The design of the camera is very attractive and it has various great features.
The picture pixels of this camera is very huge. The size is 4896 x 3672 pixels. It is competent for producing RAW and JPEG format pictures. You will get rarely this feature in this budget. This feature makes this camera different from all other cameras on the list. With the help of this feature, you can edit your pictures later.
It has 4K shooting capabilities. You will get 4K Quality Full High Definition video recording in this camera with 3840 x 2160 pixels. It comes with 30 frames per second. In normal mode, the frame rate is 30 fps and at Full High Definition mode of 1920 pixels.
The greatest frame rate is 60 fps. The largest clip length in this camera is 29 minutes and 59 seconds. You can shoot Ultra HD videos from this camera. With this camera, you can pause the video and save high definition Pictures from that video.
The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 comes with Two Macro modes. First is Wide Macro mode. In this mode, you can focus and click any object’s pictures from the smallest working distance of 1 cm. The second is Tele Macro Mode. In this mode, you can focus and click any object’s pictures from the smallest working distance of 150 cm. These features make this camera the best video recording camera.
The best thing about this camera is it has a ‘Post Focus’ option. While capturing the picture this function help camera to adjust the image. With this camera, you have two choices for composing your picture. First, an LCD screen with  1.04 million dots resolution. Second, a High-Resolution viewfinder with 1.17 million dots resolution. It has advanced multiple functions. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi Function. For the stereo sound, it has a built-in microphone.
All these great features make this camera all in one camera. The performance of the camera in low light is also very good. You can say that this Panasonic’s camera comes with high quality at a low price.

3. Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

  • 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 40x Optical Zoom with Intelligent IS
  • Built-in WiFi, Lens, mic
  • 1080p Full HD
  • DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • Pop Up Flash
  • Image Sync Function
  • Built-in NFC Technology
This compact designed Canon Powershot SX 720 HS camera is a lightweight and a very slim camera. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use at any place, destination, or in any functions. And because of its slim design, you can take this camera anywhere by adding it to your pocket.
This Canon‘s camera comes with a high resolution of 20.3 megapixels. With this high resolution, you can take clearer pictures of high quality. It comes with a feature of a magnificent 40x Superzoom. You can also take pictures of far away with the help of 40x zoom.
The wide-angle lens of the SX720 camera will help you to take group pictures with very ease. On any special occasion or a function, now never miss taking a group picture with your family and friends. It takes so clear pictures that if you take and zoom it all even then that picture will be high-quality and clearer.
If you want to take pictures from a very low distance then it also has a mode named ‘macro mode’. This mode is great when you want to take pictures from a small distance. This mode is best for wildlife photography and sports event photography. When the lights are low, in that situation there are lots of cameras available in the market that are a total fail. But this Powershot SX720 camera handle lowlight shooting with very ease. This is a great advantage of this compact design camera.
When it comes to the screen then this camera has a 3″ LCD screen. You can manage all the menu functions with the help of external buttons without any efforts. It has lots of built-in features. First, we talked about a built-in wide-angle lens. Second, it comes with a built-in mic function that will record your audio when you are recording any video. Third, it has built-in Wi-Fi for sharing pictures direct to your smartphone. Sometimes it’s good for you because this wi-fi function gives you easy transferability.
The 1250 mAh Li-Ion battery gives the power to this camera, you can take 250 shots in one single charge of the battery. This number is huge. There are various cameras available in the market at a high price. But they also don’t give 250 shots on single battery power.
For taking pictures at night time, it has a pop-up flash that gives more light while taking the picture. This canon‘s camera is available in two colors, which are red and black. These colors make this camera very stylish and it looks very cool, best for everyone.

4. Canon PowerShot SX530 Digital Camera

  • 16.0 Megapixel High Sensitivity CMOS sensor
  • Powerful 50x Optical Zoom
  • built-in Wi-Fi
  • NFC Technology
  • Compatible with Connect Station CS100
  • Full HD with 30 fps
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Zoom Framing Assist
  • Auto Hybrid
  • Creative Shot Mode
  • High-speed AF
The resolution of the Canon PowerShot SX 530 is very high 16 megapixels. With a High Sensitivity CMOS sensor which means the complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensor. The camera’s performances increased with this technology. With High sensitivity CMOS sensor, it also has the DIGIC 4+ Image Processor. this works together and makes the cameras HS system.
As well as the SX 530 camera is a full HD camera with 30 (fps) frames per second. 30 fps is very good for lifelike clarity and it also didn’t occupy much storage of your camera. This camera is best for low light situation photography and dark place. It also gives you clarity in both situations.
The SX 530 has a 50x optical superzoom that allows you to take clearer pictures of far distance. You can zoom 24 mm to 1200 mm long. This is a very large zoom range. The object that you want to take picture of is either near or far distance, it doesn’t matter! you can take detailed pictures of that object with the help of a 50x optical zoom function. It has a zoom framing button to locate your object clear and focus on that object.
The SX530 compact camera comes with a built-in wi-fi function. This function allows you to connect your camera to a smartphone or pc. It features NFC technology which means near field communication technology. With the help of this feature, you can transfer pictures to compatible devices with one touch. It makes your sharing convenient. You can also transfer your files with the help of the Canon Camera Connect App. SX530 camera is very good when it comes to transferring files.
More best features are zoom framing assistant, Creative shot mode, Hybrid Auto, and the best thing about this camera is it is high-speed AF. It is also compatible with Connect Station CS100.

5. Sony DSCWX350 Digital Camera

  • 20.4 MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • 20x Optical/40x Clear Image Zoom
  • Sony G Lens
  • Lock-On AF
  • Built-in Wifi
  • NFC Technology
  • Sweep Panorama mode (up to 360)
  • Picture Effect for more expressive photos
  • 4K quality still image output via HDMI2
  • Motion-Shot Video traces subject movement
The resolution of the Sony DSCWX 350 camera is a 20.4 megapixel Exmor R CMOS image sensor. The camera is very fast and high resolution. In the dark and low light situation, this camera’s performance is very good. It reduces the grain of the image and gives you a more improved clear picture.
It comes with 10 fps with the help of an R CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor. It gives you ultra-smooth recording and 8.2MP photos from afar with a 20x zoom, it is perfect for video lovers. Sony’s camera is a compact designed camera that will fit in your pocket. You can take it anywhere with you whenever you want. This camera is a family-friendly camera.
The Sony DSCWX 350 is the Best Digital Camera. It comes with a built-in 20x optical lens and 40x clearer image zoom. You can take pictures of any object that is at a larger distance from you easily. It takes high quality and clearer images of any object. The lens type of this camera is the Sony G lens.
Most of the time, cameras have digital zooms. The digital zoom uses electronic cropping to get near to the object. The outcome of that is unclear and unsharp pictures. So much of the time, the photographer irritates because of this problem. This camera compares patterns of proximate pixels and creates new pixels matching selected patterns. The outcome of this is a higher quality picture and a more lifelike clarity picture.
This camera comes with built-in wi-fi technology. That allows you to connect your camera with a smartphone or pc. It also features NFC technology. With the help of NFC technology, you can transfer pictures to compatible devices. It makes your sharing convenient. This provides the “One Touch Connection” convenience for transferring files.
It features the Lock-On function. With the help of this function, your camera will focus on objects while taking the picture and it will give you a clear picture of any object. Even in the small movements and motion your cameras focus on the object will clear and it didn’t take an unsharp and foggy picture. You can enjoy 4k quality still images beauty with a simple HDMI connection to 4k TVs. It is also compatible with HDTV and HDMI.
More functions of this sony’s camera are it has Hand-held Twilight. Anti Motion Blur for preventing your picture from blurring. 1080p movie modes. Sweep Panorama mode (up to 360°). Motion-Shot Video traces subject movement for the visual unique effect. Picture Effect for more expressive photos.

6. Canon PowerShot SX620 Digital Camera

  • 20.2 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor
  • 3.0 inch LCD Screen
  • Powerful 25x Optical Zoom
  • 1080p Full HD
  • DIGIC 4+ Image Processor
  • Intelligent IS
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in NFC
  • Image Sync Function
  • Remote Shooting with the Camera Connect App
The Canon Powershot SX620 Digital camera comes with a powerful 25x optical zoom. The screen size of this camera is a 3.0 inch LCD screen with 922k dots.  It has an intelligent IS. It prevents images from blurring and gives virtual shake-free images with optimizing image stabilization. The range of the zoom is the smallest of 25 mm to the largest of 625 mm.
This camera is a compact camera, you can take this camera with you, wherever you want. Best for traveling or whenever you go for a tour or picnic with your family. The design of the camera is very cool and slim and it is a lightweight camera. With this small camera, you will get long-range zoom power. Powershot SX620 comes with advanced technology. You can take outstanding quality images and great quality videos with this camera. This camera is the best video camera.
This camera captures shake-free images in various situations… with the help of intelligence IS technology. It stabilized image coordinating with shooting conditions and prevent the image from blurring. The intelligence IS technology inspect cameras action and enforce perfect shake correction method… for the shooting situation. For stabilizing camera selects from Planning IS, Tripod modes, Macro (Hybrid) IS, and Normal IS… and shooting video, the camera selects Active Tripod IS, Macro (Hybrid) IS, Dynamic IS, and Powered IS. Intelligent IS helps the photographer to focus on the image and it adjusts its Focus on the object.
The resolution of the PowerShot SX620 HS camera is… 20.2 Megapixel High-sensitivity CMOS sensor. It takes high-quality pictures of the subject. For high ISO capture, it endows high sensitivity by reducing the noise. This camera is capable of fast capturing, rapid autofocus and it also very fast.
It comes with DIGIC 4+ Image Processor, it supplies power to the advanced functions of the camera. The processor’s speed creates rapid performance for a shooting experience. This helps the camera to capture a beautiful pictures even in low light conditions… by reducing noise for brilliant color.
Extra Functions of this camera is it has built-in wifi… built-in NFC for fast and easy transferring of the files. The video quality of this camera is a very high-quality 1080p. It also has Hybrid Auto lets.

7. Fujifilm FinePix XP130 Waterproof Digital Camera

  • 16.4 MP BSI CMOS Sensor
  • 3 inch LCD Screen
  • Optical IS
  • Full HD 1080p
  • Waterproof, Freezeproof, Shockproof, Dustproof
  • New Electronic Level & Eye Detection
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Unique Color Reproduction
  • 7 types of advanced filter
  • Fujinon 5x wide-angle optical zoom
  • Geo Tagging Capability
The Fujifilm FinePix XP130 digital camera is a waterproof camera… with a high resolution of 16.4 MP BSI CMOS Sensor. It comes with Optical IS. Its CMOS-shift optical image stabilization system controls camera low movement.. for capturing the perfect images that prevent image blurring.
It comes with a Bluetooth function for sharing your files. You can connect your smartphone with this Fujifilm.. with the help of Bluetooth and transfer pictures with ease. In the XP series of rugged camera category, this FinePix XP130 digital camera is the latest in that list. This camera is the best digital camera.
If you are finding any camera that is waterproof and suitable for clicking photos underwater and also captures high-quality photos even in low light conditions… so this Fujifilm’s camera is one of the best cameras for that purpose in this under 300 budget. This camera is 100% suitable for underwater photography.. and it also captures high-quality photos in low light situations.
The screen size of this FinePix XP130 is 3 inches high definition LCD screen with 920k dots. This is a compact designed camera that ensures you that you can use it and take it anywhere.. with the weight of 207 gram this makes this camera so lightweight. This camera’s display has an anti-reflective coating. It helps to take the best photos even in sunny and bright conditions.
The brightness of the camera adjusts itself to protecting batteries’ energy.  It has Fujinon 5x optical zoom with a good range of 28 mm to 140 mm. The FinePix XP130 camera superimposes its 5x optical zoom and Intelligent Digital Zoom.. results in duplex the zoom range that is 10 x. The lens type of this camera is the FUJINON zoom lens. You can use the zoom function even underwater. It is a full HD camera  1080p camera with 60 fps.
It has a unique color reproduction.. that ensures when you use this Fujifilms camera even in the underwater.. they take a clear image of the subject as we are seen by our eye. When this camera is waterproof so it also has its underwater modes.. that is ‘Underwater’ and the second is ‘Underwater macro’. It is waterproof IPX 8 to 65 feat/20 m within 120 minutes. It is freezeproof to 14 degrees and -10 degrees, Shockproof to 5.8 feet/1.75 m. and it is also dustproof.
Additional Features are it has 7 types of advanced filter that you can use it while recording any movie. It has an Auto Time Adjustment function & Geotagging Function.

8. Sony DSC-W800 Digital Camera

  • 20.1 MP Super HAD CCD sensor
  • Blink Detection
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • 360° sweep panorama
  • Easy Mode
  • SteadyShot image stabilization
  • Smile Shutter Technology
  • USB Charger
  • Picture Effect
The Sony DSC-W800 Digital camera has a resolution of powerful 20.1 Mega Pixels Super HAD CCD sensor. It helps the user to capture a superb clear picture of any subject.. by adjusting the best contrast for the image and takes the finest detailed Picture.
Various times this happens when you need a zoom function in your camera.. but your smartphone’s camera doesn’t have that much of zoom range.. so you don’t need to worry about zooming. Because this Sonys’ camera has a built-in Sony ZEISS lens for 5x optical zoom and 10x clear zoom for a picture. Now you have the power of taking any subjects picture.. who is far from you with the help of a Sony ZEISS lens of 5x optical zoom.
A lot of times when the user taking any video and image in small movements.. then the chances of blurring is higher. So this camera has a function of SteadyShot Image Stabilization.. that helps the user for taking a blur-free image and clearer video. SteadyShot Image Stabilization technology delivers sharp image quality.
If you don’t understand cameras a lot of functions or it’s a little hard for you to understand the camera’s menu.. especially in the case of older and children.. so you don’t need to worry about that. You need to activate the Easy Mode of this camera it makes this camera easy to use. This Easy mode cut the layers in your men and makes your cameras function more easily.
You can charge this camera with the help of USB via any USB port of use power supply. While traveling you can also charge the camera with the help of your car’s USB port.
It comes with the features Sweep Panorama Mode. This Sweep Panorama Mode helps to take.. incredible breathtaking pictures of any object in wide-angle of 360° full circle. This mode makes it easy of capturing wide landscapes and it also takes a variety of panoramic shots.
Surplus features are it has Smile Shutter Technology that captures automatic smiles at a correct moment… when people smile. And Picture Effect for More Expressive Photos it adds a new level of expression to photos.

9. GoPro Hero5

  • Stunning 4K Quality
  • 12 Megapixels
  • 30 Frame Per Second
  • Pro Quality Pictures
  • Burst and Time Lapse modes
  • convenient touch display
  • Waterproof Design
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Function
  • Voice Control and Video Stabilization
The GoPro Hero 5 is a 4k video quality camera with a high resolution of 12 megapixels. The stunning 4k quality of this camera helps users to create great quality videos.. whenever the user need it. Its 4k quality makes this camera best for video recording.. with 30 frames per second which is great for recording any video.
Hero 5 Black is a waterproof camera to 33 ft/10 meters. You can use this camera underwater without any thinking. The waterproof design of this Hero 5 camera makes this camera easy to use even in watery conditions. Now you can also record your life’s great moment… It doesn’t matter you are recording underwater.. or in rainy conditions. With the GoPro Hero 5 Black camera.. you have the advantage of recording videos.. and taking a picture in any situation without too much thinking. You can also take Pro-quality pictures with this camera.
The display of this camera is a convenient touch display.. for helping the user to manage the functions and settings of the camera. The design of this camera makes it durable and long term usable. It comes with burst and time-lapse mode.
When it comes to transferring files.. that is very important for any user so it also has a Bluetooth function. It comes with built-in wifi. The advanced wind noise reduction function is.. it helps the camera to record a clear voice while reducing the wind noise for making your video perfect.  It also has Voice control and video stabilization function.

10. Canon PowerShot SX730 Digital Camera

  • 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 3.0-inch Tilt-type LCD Display
  • Powerful 40x optical zoom
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Digi 6 image processor
  • Sleek Design
  • Self Portrait Mode
  • Lightweight and Pocket Size
  • Wireless Capability
  • Geotag & Date Stamp Options
The Canon Powershot SX730 Digital camera features a powerful 40x optical zoom… with zoom framing assist. You can capture the pictures of any subject who is far from you… with the help of the greatest 40x optical zoom function. Powershot SX730 HS digital camera features zoom framing assist… for taking shots of epic moments. You can use this zoom framing assist when using longer focal lengths.
The Powershot SX730 HS has a powerful resolution of… 20.3 megapixels High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor who takes high-quality pictures. It comes with a sophisticated light-capturing design… that supplies high sensitivity for high ISO capture. The camera works very fast and eligible for fast capturing with rapid autofocus.
You can record high-quality videos from this camera that 1080p Full HD and 60 frames per second. This camera is designed to record a creative and beautiful video. You can also manage the frames rate… according to your need (60p, 30p, and 24p) for matching different situations. It has Dynamic IS that offers 5-axis image stabilization.
This camera has advanced stabilization technology… for capturing high-quality pictures and great quality videos, working with intelligent IS. The intelligent IS function chooses the stabilization method… that matches the condition of shooting.
Transferring files is easy with this camera. Because it comes with wireless capabilities that are… built-in Wi-Fi2 technology and Canon Camera Connect app. It also has built-in NFC (Near field communication) technology… that connects with compatible devices. You can also manage the Powershot SX730 HS functions remotely… with compatible smartphones with the help of Bluetooth pairing.
More functions are it is a lightweight, compact camera and it is also pocket size.  It comes with a DIGIC 6 Image Processor that helps to boost the image quality. It also has a self-portrait mode.

11. Canon PowerShot SX420 Digital Camera

  • 20.0 Megapixel sensor
  • 3.0-inch LCD Screen
  • Intelligent IS
  • Powerful 42x Optical Zoom
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • DIGIC 4+ Image Processor
  • Smart AUTO intelligent
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • NFC Connectivity
  • Widely Compatible
  • Image Sync Function
The Canon PowerShot SX420 IS camera comes with a resolution of… 20.0 megapixel CCD sensor helps to take high quality, detailed and Impressive images. High resolution delivers brilliant color quality images. You can take outstanding lifelike quality pictures and create every moment of your life memorable… with the help of this camera.
This camera has DIGIC 4+ Image Processor. It helps the camera to fast its processing speed… and gives power to the advanced function of the camera. By generating fast performance for any type of shooting… and makes your experience with shooting natural and enjoyable. This process also helps images for enhancing performance… by reducing noise for brilliant color. It also helps users for capturing beautifully detailed images even in low light. The DIGIC 4+ Image Processor didn’t use too much of the camera.
This Powershot SX420 IS features a powerful 42x optical zoom and the range of zoom is 24 mm to 1008 mm. You can take any subjects clear Picture even when the subject is far from you… with the help of this camera’s 42x brilliant optical zoom. It gives you to take images from a small distance of 24 mm to 1008 mm long distance. The zoom range of the camera is very high. This zoom range makes capturing landscapes and large group portraits easy. With that, this camera also has Optical Image Stabilizer… to prevent image blurring and gives you a stable image that is clear.
The Intelligent IS function study the camera movement… and applies the best shake correction method for the shooting condition. It has four best methods for pictures and four best methods for shotting… that help the camera for taking high-quality images and great quality videos.
The screen of this camera is a 3.0 inch LCD screen… with a wide-angle. This camera comes with a great resolution of approximately 230,000 dots… and it captures the high-quality 720p with clear sound.
More features are this camera is… It has ‘Smart Auto’ it intelligently selects the proper settings for the camera.. based on predefined shooting situations and Various types of shooting modes. It has built-in Wifi.. and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.. for sharing your files and pictures. It also has an Image Sync Function. You can remotely control the camera with the help of the Camera Connect App. It has Eco Mode that reduces the power consumption of the camera.

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ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. The camera’s sensor to the light how sensitive is, ISO controls that. With the help of ISO… without a flash, you are able to shoot in darker conditions and low light situations. By increasing the sensitivity of the sensor. The meaning of Highers ISOs is grainier pictures and more noise (colored speckles). For this type of shoot, you need to buy those cameras that offer ISO 1600 or higher. There are some cameras available in the market that has ISO 5,000 – 102,000. At noise performances, cameras are getting better and better now. This means now even at higher ISOs you can get useable images in general.


The meaning of a megapixel (a million pixels) is a unit of image sensing capacity in a digital camera. Megapixels measures the resolution of the camera. Megapixels affects the quality of the picture. The larger the number of megapixels (MP), the greater the high-quality image will be made. With the high 20 megapixel camera, you will able to take super great quality images, in 12×18 inch prints. For good image quality, you only need 4 megapixels (MP) camera with 4×6 inch and 5×7 inch prints.
Reducing the print resolution… you can able to make good results and large print even if you don’t have zillion megapixels. You don’t need to get distracted by the megapixels of the camera… because we can say that it is only one part that makes the camera great. Whenever you are going to buy any type of camera.. mind one thing is that if you need high quality and sharp images then go for high megapixels cameras.


Most of the time size didn’t matter because most of the cameras that are compact or not, their size is friendly. Meaning you need the buttons of the camera in your hands and easily reachable… so the cameras are not very big, that’s why size didn’t play a big role.


Weight of the camera matters in different situations
If you are a beginning photographer and always travel to different places… then you need a lightweight camera. The lightweight camera will make your photography easy and enjoyable… and if you want to buy a heavyweight camera then it directly affects to your photography.
Most of the cameras are lightweight cameras if they are compact… and most of the people buy cameras for capturing memorable movements of their family. So they buy compact size cameras.


Most of the time the camera companies tell their cameras are durable and will be run in long. Whenever you are making a decision for buying a camera that is durable… so check the reviews of the camera. Because the reviewer will tell their true experience with the camera. In the above list, most of the cameras are durable as we read the reviews of the cameras.


If you can’t understand too much about the camera… so you don’t worry about that because the menus of most of the cameras are very easy to use and straightforward. Every company cameras have a different menu system. With the reading of the manual, you can also feature out how to use the camera’s different functions. The menu guide provided with the cameras will help you in that case. The menu of the cameras is not very complicated, you can easily use any type of camera.

Auto Focus

When you need to take a perfectly focused photo of any object… so in that condition, the Auto Focus of the camera will help you a lot. The Auto Focus of any camera help to take a properly focused picture… and will improve your photography. If the focus of the camera is missed while taking the picture… then you also lose the opportunity of capturing great photos. Whenever you buy the camera so you need to check the quality of the autofocus system of the camera. Especially when you are a photographer. The quick focus of the camera will help the photographer to capture a fast and perfect shot of any photo. So the Auto Focus function of the camera is a very important function to consider when you buy the camera.

Image Stabilisation

In the shooting time, the Image Stabilisation feature decreases shakiness and vibration… and also reduces blurriness in dark light and low light situations. At various times… the stabilization mechanism is attached to the body of the camera… or with the lens of the camera, which we knew as optical image stabilization. The optical image stabilization is greater in quality than digital image stabilization.

Frames Per Second
Frames Per Second in short FPS which means how many photos the camera can take per second. 30 frames per second is good for a camera… but in a fast action situation or in sports photography (that is also fast) you need the camera with higher fps. (There is a camera available in the market that comes with 1 Million frames per second).
Nowadays the technology of the camera is very advanced. Today’s cameras come with Wi-Fi connectivity features. It helps to upload your pictures directly to your computer. You can also able to share direct photos to social sites. Some camera also comes with the feature of android and iso app. With this, you can manage the timer and also able to capture the photo… with one click of your smartphone with that app. You can also able to see what your camera sees, this is how advanced technology you will get nowadays.
Near-field communication or NFC… is the wireless option available in most of the new cameras. With the help of this technology… you can able to share your photos or your file with wireless devices… like smartphones and tablets. Just with One Touch.

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