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Music has many genres. Rapping is the most popular genre of music among them. People nowadays like to hear loud music because youngsters like to party. Rap music is mostly played in the parties.

While recording rap songs, the artist completely provides a melody with just rapping. There is no background music. The artist records it itself with only beats. Besides the beat and talent of the artist, the microphone being used for recording also plays an important part during recording. You must have the right microphone for recording the rap song.

If you are planning to buy a new microphone for recording your rap songs, then you should read this article completely. You will get the perfect microphone for recording your rap songs. Here, we have picked and listed the 10 best microphones for recording rap songs. These microphones are specially designed and manufactured for recording rap songs.

A brief buying guide is also provided which will help you find the best suitable microphone to record your rap song.

Top 10 Best Mic for Recording Rap With Buying Guide and FAQs

1. Audio-Technica AT4040 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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  • Technically advanced large-diaphragm
  • Superior performance
  • Switchable 80 Hz hi-pass filter
  • Transformerless circuit
  • Custom shock mount provides superior isolation
  • high-SPL capability
  • 100% quality assurance

AT 404 is a side-address condenser mic. This mic features an advanced large diaphragm tensioned especially to provide natural sonic and smooth characteristics. This Audio-Technica’s microphone comes with some of the best versatility, it offers you high-SPL capability, wide dynamic range, and exceptionally low noise. The AT4040’s low-commotion hardware is even and transformerless, its results are great transient response and clean output signals for diaphanous reproduction of the problematic of instruments and audio effects.

The all-new Audio-Technica AT4040 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is outfitted with the progressed large diaphragm which is completely reinforced and explicitly tensioned. It gives smooth, common sonic qualities. The design of the microphone is an outer polarized (DC bias) real condenser design. The microphones’ circuit is transformerless. It delivers the best correlation and fastest transients and virtually eliminates low-frequency distortion. The State of the art surface-mount electronics ensure obedience with AT’s stringent consistency and reliability standards.

The Audio-Technica’s AT2020 microphone comes with a Technically advanced large diaphragm. It tensioned exclusively to provide smooth and natural sonic characteristics. The microphone machine is precision, acoustic element baffle and nickel-plated brass gives to build up element stability and optimal sensitivity. The nice is exceptionally low. It has high SPL capability and a wide dynamic range of best versatility. It comes with a custom shock mount that gives high-class isolation. It has a Switchable 80 Hz hi-pass filter and 10 dB pad.

2. Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package

best microphone for vocals

  • Large 1” capsule with gold plated diaphragm
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Internal capsule shock mounting
  • Self-noise of only 5dB (A)
  • Ultra-low noise, transformerless surface mount circuitry
  • 10 year extended warranty

The NT1-A is an extreme calm studio microphone because of its 5dBa self-noise level, this level is amazing. It offers mostly precious things. The microphone has high SPL capability, it has extended dynamic range and it delivers warmth audio.

The Rode NT1-A microphone is ideal for home studio recordings. It comprises everything that is necessary to get an exactly professional vocal and rap recording. It comes with an instrumental DVD packed with recording tips, a dust cover, a shock mount, A studio-grade pop shield, and along with 20 feet microphone cable.

The RODE’s NT1-A is a large-diaphragm 1-inch cardioid condenser microphone. It is designed and made in Australia. It also has 10 years of warranty. This microphone is great for recording percussion, rap, and guitars, as well as its low noise, makes this microphone an ideal vocal mic. It is perfect for every type of singer or any person who wants to sing. This microphone’s polar pattern is cardioid and its frequency range is 20Hz – 20kHz.

3. Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone

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  • Large-diaphragm microphone
  • delivers impressive sound
  • Slight presence boost above 6 kHz
  • Compact Neumann design
  • maximum sound pressure level (144 dB)
  • Gleaming Grille Ring

A new generation of Neumann studio microphone is TLM 102. It establishes a value standard and a new performance for mics. The Neumanns TLM 102 is a compact designed and large-diaphragm studio microphone, it offers you to great Neumann sound at an affordable price.

The maximum music pressure level of this Microphone is 144 dB. Acoustic instruments profit by the outstandingly quick transient reaction of the TLM 102. This microphones very fast transient response is beneficial for quieter instruments. The elastic suspension system of the capsule lowers handling and structure-borne sound. The integrated pop screen into the grills doing suppresses plosives in speech and vocal recordings.

The TLM 102 is best for speeches and recording vocals. In an overall mix, it has an excellent vocal presence and It has a slight boost above 6 kHz.  Up to 6 kHz, the frequency response is extremely linear. It has a gleaming grille ring and harmonious proportions. TLM 102 microphone is very attractive and it delivers influential sound. It comes to a newly created large-diaphragm capsule (cardioid). Because of its good price the TLM 102 is ideal for project studio and home recording. It also comes with a stand mount and its available in nickel and black color.

4. Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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  • side-address design
  • Large-diaphragm
  • Pop Filter
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • 10ft. XLR Cable
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The microphone is a cardioid polar pattern, it lowers the pickup of sounds from the rear and sides of the microphone while improving isolation of the required sound source. The AT2035 has a large-diaphragm, it is for low noise and it gives natural and smooth sound.

The AT2035 microphone features a side-address design. It can be used in live performances, unfriendly home projects as well as in a professional studio. It comes with the pop filter, it is very useful for removing the annoying plosives from your recordings.

The microphone has an 80 Hz high-pass filter switch for removing low-frequency hum and other associated noises, a -10 dB pad switch endows more headroom when catching transient signals that may otherwise cause high distortion. The Audio-Technica’s AT2035 microphone comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The output stage and element modulate to deliver natural yet smooth sound quality and with low noise. For off-axis noise and minimal feedback, the microphone features a cardioid polar pattern. The AT2035 microphone also comes with a custom shock mount, protective pouch, threaded adapter, and an XLR-XLR Cable.

5. AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone

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  • Outstanding dynamic range
  • Switchable 20dB attenuator
  • Integrated suspension
  • ultralow noise for close-up recording
  • Roadworthy design
  • Scratch-resistant finish

AKG C214 microphone is a large-diaphragm microphone. It is a premium-grade, versatile, and studio microphone. The foundation of C214’s design is on higher-end microphones from AKG. C214 microphone comes with a renowned range for its exceptional attention to natural, detail, and sparkling sound.

AKG C214 is a result of high-end components and years of expertise. The AKG C214 microphone has a wide frequency range and high SPL capabilities. These features make it one of the most versatile microphones available in the market. It is ideal for room ambiance, guitars, recording vocals, drum overheads, and more. In the middle of the microphone is a premium-grade, one-inch capsule with an integrated suspension for reducing noise. The high-end components and cardioid polar patterns ensure optimal accuracy and audio fidelity.

The AKG C214 is best for both stage and studio applications. because of its robust exterior. It has an all-metal die-cast body that features a shock and scratch-resistance finish. It is specially designed to withstand the rigors of extensive and longer use. This design will fit in any live stage or in any studio. The AKG C214 microphone comes with a robust metal carrying case and an H85 universal shock mount.

The AKG’s Back-Plate technology and dual-capsule system outcome is a defined low-end and sparkling high. The AKG C214 also features a switchable 20dB attenuation pad. That allows you to record louder sources without distortion. It comes with an integrated suspension that the capsule sits in, It helps you to reduce mechanical noise and for optimized signal integrity. The company is running for more than 6.5 decades. AKG used by some of the great artists of the world, it helped to create iconic sound. It delivers breakthrough experiences for artists of all levels.

6. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII Vocal Condenser Microphone

best recording microphone

  • Studio-Quality Audio
  • Condenser Microphone
  • Three attenuation levels
  • Audio Peak Hold LED
  • Nine selectable polar patterns
  • Three switchable different bass-cut filters

The AKG C414XL II is a condenser Microphone and it is a world-class microphone for live performances, broadcast, and studio recording. It comes with five selectable polar patterns to assure perfect sonic work in any application.

This microphone features a large-diaphragm capsule, it delivers a slight increase in the impendence and outstanding spatial reproduction.

H85 shock mount (Included) minimizes handling and mechanical noise. The PF80 pop filter helps to remove touch sounds and sibilance.

AKG C414XL II features nine different selectable polar patterns. It is best for every recording application, if possible. The five polar examples comprise of omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, and figure of eight, permitting you to pick the ideal example to suit the sound you require. There are likewise four transitional settings, permitting you to mix between designs for ideal adaptability.

The best thing about C414 XL is it has given you an overload warning with the help of an audio peak hold LED. If the overload is shortest then also it gives you a warning by peak hold LED. With this feature, every time you can keep your score of levels and assure distortion-free recording.

The microphone comes with three switchable bass-cut filters, it is designed to eliminate wind noise, stage vibration, and proximity effects for maximum audio performance.

C414’s design is ideal for studio recording and stage performance.

The all-metal die-cast body has a scratch-resistant design for sustained and prolonged use.

7. Rode NTK Premium Tube Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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  • Class “A” valve circuitry
  • Ultra-low noise and wide dynamic range
  • Large 1” capsule with gold plated diaphragm
  • Hand-selected and graded 6922 twin-triode valve
  • Internal capsule shock mounting
  • High level of RF rejection
  • High strength heat-treated steel mesh head

Rode NTK is a superior valve condenser microphone. The microphone’s steel snare head is a high vigor heat-treated. The range is widely dynamic and it also has ultra-low noise, which is good for recording rap. It has a Large 1-inch capsule with gold plated diaphragm and class “A” valve circuitry. It comes with internal capsule shock mounting, it also has a high level of RF rejection.

The electronic hardware supplementing this exceptionally touchy transducer incorporates a hand-chose twin-triode 6922 valve and audiophile-grade segments. NTK’s premium valve sound is ideal for vocals, pianos, guitar amps, acoustic instruments, and drum overheads. It is specially created to deliver unreliably detail and warmth in the studio, especially for most single instrument recording scenarios.

8. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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  • Multi-purpose condenser microphone
  • Balanced bass response with high-end clarity
  • Patented design
  • Low noise FET preamp with a balanced, transformerless output
  • Low-frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumble
  • Versatile for streaming and podcasting
  • Excellent for vocals, pianos, stringed instruments, and percussion

The MXL 770 is an ideal mix of value, adaptability, and incentive for both expert and home recording studios. The quality of this microphone is very high. MXL 770 is a condenser microphone that continues to daze recording artists all over the earth. The performance is incredible and it is a widely versatile microphone. It delivers solid bass. Its upfront is high-end.

This microphone uses a high-quality FET preamp that balanced the output for a wide dynamic range. This is a perfect piece for newbie musicians and artists. who need a quality condenser mic that won’t use up every last cent. The 770 comes with a shock mount. This shock mount reduces mechanical vibrations and a rugged carrying case.

It is a multipurpose condenser mic. It has a wide dynamic range and the noise is very low of this MXL 770 microphone. It features a low-frequency roll-off (Included) for reducing unwanted rumbling. It comes with a 10db pad to facilitate a wide variety of sound sources.

9. Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

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  • Contoured frequency response is clean
  • Instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup
  • Extremely durable under the heaviest use
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main source while reducing background noise
  • Professional-quality reproduction for drum, percussion, and instrument amplifier miking
  • Frequency response 40 to 15,000 Hz

SM 57’s contoured frequency response is very spotless and it comes with instrumental reproduction. It has a rich vocal pickup. The microphone’s quality is professional. It comes with a uniform cardioid pickup pattern that isolates the main source while reducing background noise. It has a pneumatic shock-mount system that cuts down handling noise. The Frequency response is about 40 to 15,000 Hz. It is extremely durable under the heaviest use.

The characteristic of the SM57 microphone is its uniform cardioid pick-up pattern. This pattern does minimize background sound and isolates the main sound source. The Shure brand claims that this microphone is long-lasting and strong quality. The SM57 was gotten through Shure’s popular drop test, in which the amplifier was dropped multiple times from a stature of ten feet with no misfortune in input quality. For focusing on only one source this microphone uses cardioid pickup patterns, it removes/rejects all the sound of the background. It is best for live performances.

The Shure SM57 is a fixture in the music business. You see it everywhere. In small clubs and 100,000 seat stadiums. This renowned mic is used by legendary performers and the latest up-and-comers. What you may not have seen are the thousands of SM57s at work behind the scenes in professional recording studios around the world. In fact, you’ll probably find it in more studios than any other mic.

In the music business, SM57 is a stable microphone. This microphone is used by various artists and also use a legendary performer. This microphone is also used by professional recording studios. It builds an industry-standard by defining the way instruments should sound. This is the reason why it’s used by artists and musicians. It delivers a warm and clean sound. It is ideal for drums and guitar amplifiers.

10. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

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  • Condenser microphone
  • USB output for digital recording
  • High-quality A/D converter
  • 16 bit, 44.1/48 kilohertz sampling rate
  • Mix control
  • Headphone jack
  • Widely Compatible

The Audio-Technica AT 2020 is a condenser microphone, It has a USB output and it is for Digital recording use. It comes with a high-quality A/D convertor. The sampling rate of the mic is 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz. It also has Mix controls for blending. This microphone comes with a headphone jack and it is a widely compatible microphone.

The microphone is for digital recording use. It is a Condenser microphone. The high output internal headphone amplifier comes up provides perfect clarity and detailed music. The volume is high. It has a USB output for external connections. The audio quality of Audio-Technica’s microphone is superb. The sampling rate of the mic is 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz, and High-quality A/D converter. It also a headphone jack. The frequency response of this mic is smooth and extended. It is best for home studio recording, podcasting, voiceover use, and field recording.

It has Mix controls and Volume controls. You can amalgam your Pre-recorded audio and microphone signal with the help of mix control. Volume control is for controlling your microphone volume. Volume control permits you to screen the amplifier signal with no postponement. The AT2020 microphone is widely compatible, it is compatible with Vista, 2000, XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X.

Buying Guide: How to buy Best Mic for Recording Rap?

Two types of microphones are available in the market. One dynamic mic and another is a condenser mic. Condenser microphones are perfect for studio recording because they produce the vocals more clearly. Condenser microphones are sensitive. Contrarily, dynamic microphones are durable as compared to the condenser microphones. But the audio produced by these microphones is not clear, it is less accurate.

Difference between the condenser microphone and dynamic microphone

Two types of microphones are available in the market. One is a dynamic mic and another is a condenser mic. Condenser microphones are perfect for studio recording because they produce the vocals more clearly. Condenser microphones are sensitive. Contrarily, dynamic microphones are durable as compared to the condenser microphones. But the audio produced by these microphones is not clear, it is less accurate. All the microphones listed in this article are condenser microphones as they are extensively used by the specialists in rap music.

Sound Quality

We all know that sound quality is the major factor when it comes to selecting the best microphone for you. Generally, people think that rap is the art of the artist, and microphones used for recording are of no importance. But technically speaking the microphones used for recording play a very important role. Different microphones sound differently thus affecting the vitality of the rap. The microphones are generally referred to as full_bodied, bright, deep, or warm. These are referred to according to the type of sound characterizing the recording. Different microphones can be used for recording different rapping styles.

Frequency Reaction

Vocals play a very prominent role while recording a rap song. If you have totally read and understood this article, you are now able to interpret how a microphone affects the vocals. Different microphones deliver the different quality of vocals. While planning to buy a proper microphone suitable for recording your rap, you should give utter care to the frequency reaction provided by the microphone. The frequency reaction of a microphone is usually measured in the laboratories. All the microphones listed above provide a flat frequency reaction. But you should always buy a microphone based on real practice.


Ultimately, you’ll need to decide what works best for you. The budget is the first thing that strikes the mind whenever you want to buy anything. Rap microphones are generally not cheap. They come in a wide range of variety and also different prices but most are expensive. You should decide your budget and then buy a rap microphone. If you have a flexible budget, then you can directly just rush into a store and select a suitable rap microphone for you. If you do not have a lot of money or say you have a fixed budget then you must do research first. You must get the right microphone for yourself. Some microphones are provided with shock mounts, stand or mic clips. You can cut these accessories to buy a nice microphone at cheap rates. You can buy these accessories later if needed.

SPL of the microphone

SPL of the microphone is one of the important factors that is used to ascertain the quality of the microphone. SPL is fully read as Sound Pressure Level. The sound pressure level of a microphone mentions the amount of noise a microphone can handle without starting to distort. The sound pressure level plays an important role while choosing the best microphone for recording rap music because the rappers often shout their lyrics on a high pitch and the lyrics can be distorted at that time. So you must know your pitch of the sound you make while rapping.

You must select a microphone with the perfect Sound pressure level accordingly. The microphones having an SPL over 150dB can be used by the aggressive rappers. If you need a microphone having more SPL than 150 dB, you must research and select the best for you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Record Players

What is the difference between a normal microphone and a rap microphone?

The rap microphone is a microphone used for recording vocals and it also cancels the outer noise. As rap rap artist usually dance while recording or they just enjoy their music. It is very important to minimize the noise created by their hand movements. So, this feature is provided in rap recording microphones. Normal microphones do not cancel the outer noise.

How to choose the best microphone faster?

Look for a microphone that has the ability to minimize handling and background noise. You want absolute clarity to get the best quality, detailed recordings possible. The best microphone for rap should have the ability to cancel background noise. The best microphones enable you to record your vocals with clarity, and details recordings.

How to Select the Best Rap Microphone?

Keep in mind about the things mentioned below when you select the best microphone for you.

  • Forecast
  • Kind of microphone
  • The attachments.

At what price can I get a nice Microphone?

Generally, a flexible budget is needed while you are preparing to buy a rap microphone. You can find a pretty good microphone under 299 dollars.


Based on the research of the Review Buzzer Team we shared the Top 10 Best Mic for Recording Rap with you. It includes all types of Microphones. Some of the Microphones are a little bit expensive, some are cheap and some Microphones are in the middle. The quality of all the Microphones is good. Some of the Microphones have good quality, some have the best, and some Microphones are very good. I hope you got a lot of help from this article. Thank you for reading this article!!

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