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Have you ever discussed the difference between modern music players and the old music players with your dad or your grandparents? If the answer is no, you must discuss it with them. The major difference between modern and old music players is about the experience. Your grandparents will tell you that in their times, in their era music used to unite people. Music was the language of love. But nowadays, people plug in their earphones or headphones and listen to music alone.

The most favorite music player for the people from the 90s is the record player. If you are planning to give a surprise to your elders on their special days, like birthday or anniversary, a record player is the best surprise for them. They can listen to the music they love on the modern speakers also but the experience they will get with the classical rendering record player will be eternal. They will get back to live those days of their juvenility. The love they have for you will surely increase once you gift them a suitable record player.

Even modern people love to hear music through the record players. On asking why? they will tell you about the legacy of those players. Listening to the record players just gives a nice royal experience. The record players now are also portable. So you can carry them on a beach, enjoy and relax listening to music and also feel the beauty of nature.

In this article, we have picked the best of the portable record players especially for you and your loved ones. Here you will get the information about the top 10 best portable record players available in the market. Every record player listed below has unique features and design, go through this article, and choose the best record player for you and your loved ones.

A brief buying guide is also provided which will help you to choose the best player if you get confused between a few of them. This article will surely give you the best portable record player suitable for you.

What is a turntable?

The turntable is the base of the record player. It provides two very important services to the record player. Primarily, the turntable provides a steady and fixed platform that spins record at a persistent rate of pace. Secondary, it grants the needle to track through the record and read the grooves on the record and produce sound.

Top 10 Best Portable Record Players

1. Audio Technica AT-LP60 Portable Turntable

best portable record player

  • Convert Vinyl Records
  • Belt-Drive Design
  • Dust Protection
  • Wide Variety of Connectivity Options
  • Minimizes Vibration
  • Easy Operation
  • High-Quality Audio-Technica Cartridge
  • AT-LP60-USB turntable features

This AT-LP60 Portable Turntable converts Vinyl records into music files with the help of USB output and included software. The software of this turntable provides all that necessities to convert vinyl into portable music files.

This portable record player is easy to operate, You can easily operate and manage all the operations of this turntable easily. It is fully automatic, It supports 33-1/3 and 45 both RPM records.

The design of the AT-LP60’s turntable is Belt-driven, the advantage of this feature is it isolates the platter from motor vibrations. And then its result is it increases high-fidelity audio and clarity of the audio. The Audio Technica AT-LP60 Portable Turntable has High-Quality Audio-Technica Cartridge, it has Integral Dual Magnet Audio-Technica phono cartridge with a replaceable diamond stylus.

This portable turntable is fully dust protected, it comes with a removable hinged dust cover that protects him from dusk. It comes with a built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier. It has various varieties of connectivity options. It has RCA output and USB cables for connecting other devices like computers, laptops, other speakers, other audio systems, etc.

The system of this turntable offers you to PC and Mac compatible software. The turntable likewise includes an implicit switchable phono line preamp that permits an association with a sound system outfitted with either a phono or line-level info. This turntable is available in two colors silver and black.

2. Victrola 50’s Retro 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable with Stereo

best record players

  • Record from Vinyl to MP3
  • Wireless Bluetooth Capability
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • 3-Speed Turntable
  • Built-In CD Player
  • 3.5mm Aux-In and Headphone Jack

The Victrola 50s retro style turntable takes you back in the old days with its stylish retro looks joined with present-day innovation. It is Ideal for vinyl lovers. The design of this record player has a cool retro design. This retro-style record player has versatile audio.

The player stereo with Bluetooth technology and USB Digital Encoding. It is capable of playing vinyl records & AM/FM radio. The style is very good, it has a display of blue color and buttons that looks stylish.

The Retro 50’s has capability of wireless technology of Bluetooth. From till 33 feet, you can stream much wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth. It is suitable for all the Bluetooth enabled devices. It has a headphone jack for private listening and if you need to connect another device then it also has 3.5mm Aux-In.

The Victrola 50s retro style record player has powerful stereo speakers, it makes your listening wonderful. It gives you clear audio in multiple formats. It comes with upgraded music quality that gives you minimum vibrations. This record player has a built-in CD player for your CDs collection. You can easily insert your CD in that CD player for the enjoyment of music.

This turntable comes with 3-speed belt driven 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM. This all three-speed turntable features. It comes with a USB cable, you just need to connect your computer, laptop with help of USB cable and this turntable easily converts your Vinyl records into MP3. The PCs and Mac are compatible with this turntable, it has a variety of compatibility.

3. 1byone Suit-case Style Turntable

portable record player

  • Vinyl to MP3 Recording
  • Great Look
  • portability and Protection
  • AUX-In & RCA Output
  • Wireless Connection
  • Selectable Speeds

The style is very perfect and great, even when the turntable stands at any place. This turntable comes with a sturdy, soft, and quality leather-feel case design. Wherever you put this turntable in your home it is suitable and looks great in all the places because of its wonderful design. Or you can use it in suitcase-style too.

This turntable is so strong it didn’t break easily when by mistakenly it falls by children and it is very easy to move at any place. When you close it, it converts it looks like a briefcase or suitcase. You can take this record player anytime and anywhere, wherever you want easily.

The look of this portable record player is great it is wrapped in a protective, beautiful, and leather-feel case. The integrated handle makes this turntable easily moveable. It is portable as well as it also has a protective design. With this turntable, you can record your favorite vinyl and convert it with mp3 files easily. 

It comes with 3 RPM speeds that are 33, 45, 78 and it also includes the 45-RPM adapter.  It has an auto-stop function that stops your music when it completed. It didn’t make you distracted while you are listening to music and working together. It makes this record player great.

You can also connect it with the home stereo system with the help of including RCA jack. This turntable comes with 12 months of warranty and if any issue found in the product the company also replaces it easily.

4. Crosley CR8009A-SEA Vintage 3-Speed Turntable

record player with speakers

  • Built-in Speakers
  • Portable Audio Ready
  • RCA outputs
  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • Plays Three Speeds
  • Headphone jack

The Crosley turntable is all about discovery. The Crosley built a vintage-inspired portable record player. The Crosleys turntable is budget-friendly and it has all the features that need for the best portable turntable like 3 speeds, RCA outputs, headphone jack, and many more. It also has built-in speakers. Other features are pitch controls for fine-tuning the speed of the record and Bluetooth receiver.

This turntable comes with built-in speakers. You can connect this Crosley’s record player to an external speaker system with the help of RCA outputs. There is also an auxiliary input to plug-in music devices.

Now you can also play music wirelessly because it also has Bluetooth technology. For private listening, it has a headphone jack. You can listen to music privately with the help of your earphone or headphone. For adjusting sound it has adjustable pitch controls.

This Crosley turntable is very lightweight, it is easy to move from any place to another place because of its lightweight. The Crosley record player plays 3 speeds, it spins 33, 45, and 78 RPM records. The Crosley first record player released in 1992, from that ti,e till now they manufacture this turntable for you. In 1992 CDs were still king. The Crosley thinks that Vinyl’s experience was also for everyone.

5. D&L 3 Speed Portable Record Player

turntable reviews

  • Belt-Drive Design
  • vinyl to MP3
  • 3 Speed Turntable
  • 2 Built-in Full Range Stereo Speaker
  • Easy Operation
  • 3.5mm AUX-IN & Headphone Jack

Bring back those forgot memories that special to you with this D&L record player, it is for those people who have a larger collection of vinyl players and want to enjoy their favorite music. This turntable converts your vinyl to mp3 recording. it has 3 speeds, RCA output. Double Stereo speakers. The power need is 5V and it also has a headphone jack and 3.5 mm AUX-in.

The frame of the record player is a premium material. Its framework is crafted from MDF wood, results in its reduced vibrations. Rubber slip mat & aluminum platter seriously lower reverberation. This vinyl record comes with 3-speed belt driven technology that is 7, 10, and 12.  This is an easily moveable turntable, you can place it anywhere, any table, any shelf or bookcase.

The look of the AT-LP60’s is belt-driven design. It isolates the vibrations of the mother of the turntable. It results in that it produces more clear and high-quality music. The D&L has Double built-in full-range stereo speakers. It played your music crisp clearly and sound is also loud. It has an active 2 ways stereo system that provides great listening experience at any place. For private listening, it has a headphone jack. You can listen to music privately with the help of your earphone or headphone.

If you want to play music from any outer source then it also has a feature of the 3.5mm aux-in jack. You can use this when you want to play the music for any non-Bluetooth device. It also has an auto-stop and switches on/off allows auto stop when record finishes playing.

6. 1byone Wireless Turntable

best budget turntable

  • Front-facing built-in stereo speakers
  • Belt-Drive Briefcase Turntable
  • Exceptional Styling
  • Unique & Delicate Design
  • Fully Functional
  • RCA output and headphone jack
  • Fashionable & Retro Style

The 1byone  briefcase styled and belt drive turntable is a perfect mixture of retro and trendy. It has soft dumping controls, it also has 3 speeds. The turntable features front-facing integrated speakers that look very stylish. For take him anywhere it has integrated carrying handle. This is totally portable record player.

This record player is a Retro style and very Fashionable. The attache styled turntable is an ideal combo of stylish components and retro style with traditional shading arrangement, settling on it a tempting decision for the individuals who appreciate the music with the sentiment of wandering through the time. While it is likewise a remarkable supplement to your design.

The look of this turntable is totally unique and delicate design. The front-facing built-in speaker makes it more beautiful. Mounted switches and jack outputs on the side of this record player. The record player operations is very easy and anyone can easily manage this turntable.

The 1byone Wireless Turntable is fully functional. With the RCA output, for the loud sound, you can easily connect external speakers or home theater with the record player. In any room or in any place the Integrated front-facing speakers produce great music. For private listening, it has a headphone jack. You can listen to music privately with the help of your earphone or headphone.

The 1byone is an exceptional styled record player. Turquoise leather exterior offers a luring decision for those with varied styles. You can easily take this briefcase styled record player anywhere with the help of a suitable handle. The 1byone’s record player comes with a 24-month guarantee. if any issue found in the product the company also replaces it easily. The company gives you guaranteed satisfaction.

7. Numark PT01USB Portable Turntable

turntable with speakers

  • Portable Turntable
  • Tough and Durable
  • built-in loudspeaker
  • Hard Dustcover
  • Class-compliant USB connection
  • Belt-drive motor
  • RCA line and headphone outputs

The Numark PT01USB Portable Turntable is a portable turntable. It is tough and durable, it also has 3 speeds. The turntable features built-in speakers. For take him anywhere it has integrated carrying handle. This is a totally portable record player. It also has RCA line and headphone outputs.

You can easily record your favorite vinyl to mp3. You can convert your old vinyl collection into mp3 or wav, with the help of the free downloadable EZ Vinyl Converter software. It is perfect for mac or Window. No need to worry about converting software.

The Numark’s record player comes with a dust cover, it protects your turntable from dust. And because it is portable s0 it also has carrying handle. With the help of a carrying handle, you can take this turntable anywhere easily.

With the RCA output, for the loud sound, you can easily connect external speakers or home theater with the record player. For private listening, it has a headphone jack. You can listen to music privately with the help of your earphone or headphone.

The PT01 has a belt-drive motor and it comes with 3 speeds of  33, 45, and 78 RPM. It coverts all the 45s, 78s, and 12-inch LP records into digital files. It features built-in speakers. It comes with 45 RPM adapter and the cartridge is also included with this turntable.

8. Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable
best record player with speakers

  • Antique Wooden Case Design
  • 3-Speed Stereo Turntable
  • 2 Built-in Speakers
  • Dust Cover
  • Stereo Headphone Jack
  • AM/FM Stereo Receiver

The Jensen JTA-222 is a 3-speed turntable, it has FM radio feature and comes with a double built-in speaker that produces great sound. More features are RCA output, headphone jack, dustcover, and power indicator. The antique wooden case configuration gives this turntable a great look. pressed with all the highlights you need.

This record player comes with FM radio technology. The PT-222 comes with 3 speeds of  33, 45, and 78 RPM. This turntable features 2 front-facing built-in speakers, that produce good quality sound. For private listening, it has a headphone jack. You can listen to music privately with the help of your earphone or headphone.

The JTA-222 has RCA output on its back, you can use them whenever you need big sound, you can connect with your home theater or any external speakers. It is easy to store in any small place. The size is 5″ (H) x 12.5″ (W) that is very small. You can place this turntable anywhere according to your convenience. The JTA-222 turntable’s look is antique Wooden Case Designed. It features a dust cover that protects this record player from dust. The dustcover cover is fully transparent.

9. Crosley CR6019D-BR Executive Portable Record Player

portable turntable

  • Adjustable pitch control
  • Built-in Full Range Stereo speakers
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver
  • USB enabled
  • Plays 3 speeds
  • auxiliary input and RCA audio output

The Crosley CR6019D-BR is a briefcase styled turntable. It has adjustable pitch controls, it also has 3 speeds. The turntable features Built-in Full Range Stereo Speakers. For take him anywhere it has integrated carrying handle. This is a portable record player.

The CR6019D-BR comes with Built-in Speakers. The built-in speakers are a full-range speaker that produces quality sound. The CR6019D-BR record player comes with 3 speeds of  33, 45, and 78 RPM. It is USB enabled to connect with Mac of Windows PC. It has adjustable pitch controls.

With the RCA output, for the loud sound, you can easily connect external speakers or home theater with the record player. For private listening, it has a headphone jack. You can listen to music privately with the help of your earphone or headphone.

It features Bluetooth technology, with the help of Bluetooth you can stream you favorite music with a record player directly with your smartphone or iPhone.

10. Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable

best record player under 100

  • Portable Belt-Driven Turntable
  • Vinyl Audio to Digital Files
  • Dynamic full-range stereo speakers
  • USB-enabled
  • Auxiliary input
  • plays 3 speeds
  • Headphone jack

The Nomad turntable is designed by Crosley. The full name of this turntable is Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable. The framework of this Nomad turntable is like a vintage briefcase-style design.  It also has an RCA output, headphone jack, and auxiliary input. This record comes to switch 3 speeds.

The Crosley features built-in dynamic full-range stereo speakers with woven grill cloth covers for truly portable audio. This portable turntable plays 3 speeds of 33, 45, and 78 RPM records. This Nomad turntable is a Belt-drive turntable with a diamond stylus NP5 needle.

This Nomad portable record player edit and transfer Vinyl with the help of a USB jack to Mac or PCs with the help of a software suite. It has software for ripping and editing audio content. It comes with audio ready, you just need to plug in CD, player, smartphone, or digital audio player in the auxiliary input port N then you can easily enjoy your favorite music.

The Nomad turntable comes with multiple outputs options, you can also connect your home speakers or any external speaker with the help of RCA output for the more and bigger sound experience. For private listening, it has a headphone jack. You can listen to music privately with the help of your earphone or headphone.

Buying Guide: How to buy Best Record Player?

Completely pre-programmed

The completely preprogrammed record players which can automatically play your record and shut automatically once the last song is played. With just a single touch of a button, your record player will start, the tonearm is accordingly placed into position and drops the needle to the playing edge of the record. As soon as the last song ends, the tonearm is automatically lifted up and returns to its position. The motor also stops automatically. So, if you want an automated record player, you can pick a completely pre-programmed record player from the above-mentioned record players.

Some record players provide semi-automatic technology where you only have to place the tonearm in position and the record player starts playing your record. When the last song ends, the tonearm is lifted up and the motor also stops.

Audio Quality

While choosing the best portable record player for you, you should always keep a track of the audio quality the players provide. The audio quality of a record player largely depends on the turntable provided. If the turntable is sensitive, you would not get the clear audio quality On the other hand, cartridges also play an important part in terms of specifying the audio quality of the record players. Before buying or choosing the record player for yourself. You must examine the audio quality provided by the record player. Read Reviews of turntables.


The cartridge is also termed as a needle or pickup. Record players already have the cartridges mounted on the tonearm. The cartridge reads the grooves on the record and produces the sound. Besides having a pre-mounted cartridge some people enhance their music experience by upgrading the cartridge for premium music listening experience. Don’t just upgrade because many people do. You should first listen to the sound produced by the cartridge of the record player you have selected, if the sound seems perfect for you then we recommend not to change the cartridge.

USB Port

Some of the record players available in the market provide an option for a USB output. You can create digital copies of your favorite tracks from record players with the help of this USB output and store those copies in your pen drive or any other storage device. If you are planning to do so, you must buy a record player that provides an option for USB output.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Record Players

Are the record player cartridges interchangeable?

Yes, generally the cartridges used in the record players are interchangeable. Sometimes, you should keep in mind the amount of the record player’s tonearm. If the cartridge does not match the mount of the tonearm, you cant interchange the cartridge.

Can I extend the life of a record needle and how?

As we mentioned above, record needles last for as long as a thousand hours of use. However, you can prolong its life even more by taking good care of it. Clean it regularly and make sure that the tracking force you’re using is correct. A record needle can last up to 100 hours of use but if you take proper care of the needle, it can last longer. You can clean it regularly and be sure not to use it very forcefully. You should use minimum force while using to maximize the life of a record needle.

When should I change the stylus of my record player?

With passing time and use, the stylus of a record player can get worn down or break down and at that time you need to replace the stylus. If you do not know about the warning of the stylus, don’t be anxious. There are other signals that will tell you that the stylus of your record player is worn down. If your stylus gets worn out, you will experience a change in the sound quality of your record player. You will notice automatic skips and slips during listening. Once you experience these signals you should change the stylus.

Most of the companies provide stylus replacement as customer support. You just have to lodge a complaint and they will get the stylus replaced. If discussed about the proper replacement time of a stylus, you can replace it once in a year or you can also change the stylus after every 1000 hours of use.

Can a Worn Stylus Damage Records?

Yes, a damaged stylus can rupture your records. A damaged stylus can scratch the surface of the valuable record. It can damage the grooves of the record. It can also result in the breaking of the whole tonearm. The Review Buzzer team advises not to use a record player if the stylus is damaged or worn out.

What is the procedure to Change the Stylus on My Record Player?

Replacing the stylus is quite easy but you will find it difficult for the first time. You just have to choose the perfect stylus for the tonearm and half of the work is done.

After choosing the perfect stylus, you have to carefully remove the cartridge from the tonearm. The cartridge is used to the old stylus. You will find the stylus at the edge of the cartridge. Now you have to pull out the needle slowly. We recommend cleaning the spot where the needle was attached to compressed air. Once you clean it with compressed air, you can now insert the needle.


Based on the research of Review Buzzer Team we shared Top 10 Best Portable Record Players with you. It includes all types of Record Players. Some of the Record Players are a little bit expensive, some are cheap and some Record Players are in the middle. The quality of all the Record Players is good. Some of the Record Players have good quality, some have the best, and some Record Players are very good. I hope you got a lot of help from this article. Thank you for reading this article!!

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